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Frequently Asked Questions 




Q: I'm an adult beginner. Can I register for a course at Happy Notes?

A: Happy Notes Music School accepts music students of all ages and abilities based on availability all year round. Individual piano lessons are highly recommended for adults. It's never too late to learn!


Q: How do I register?

A: New students may pre-register at our website (home page) first, then we will arrange an appointment at Happy Notes Music School. No registration fee and deposit needed. The complete registration procedure is to submit a final registration form with the first month’s lesson fees when your lesson’s timing is set at Happy Notes Music School. 


Q: I'm a new student. Must I register on the first week of the month?

Lessons can be pro-rated for new students according to their start date.



Q: Do you accept cheque, Nets or credit card for payment?

A: Happy Notes Music School accepts  online transfer paynow, cash and cheque only for the payment.


Q: When should I pay my course fees?

A: For Happy Notes Piano and Theory, lesson payments are due at the first week of every month, or the first lesson of the month.

For Happy Notes Kids, the payment of course fees should be made on the first lesson of each term.

For Happy Notes Express, the payment should be made upon registration, before the course starts.


Q: Can I pay my course fees ahead of the month?

A: You are welcome to do so in order to avoid late payment.


Q: What happen if I pay my fees late? 

A: Our no deposit policy is meant for students who pay their fees on time. If you are late for fee payment, this privilege will be withdrawn and a deposit (according to your current grade's fees)  has to be made.






Updated on 24.05.2022






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