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Happy Notes Steel Tongue Drum Session

- Enjoyable and Relaxed session to learn about this 15-tones steel tongue drum 

- Learning Basic Reading 

Jian Pu (Numbered Musical Notation Scores) 

- a total of 4 sessions per package ($220)

( Introduction, Jian Pu Reading, Scales and Songs)

  for individual (35-45min per session)

  for group (1hr + per session)

More about steel tongue drum:~

- Steel tongue drums are a type of percussion instrument that produces soft and mellow tones when struck with hands or mallets.

- They are made from a hollow, bowl-shaped body with tongues or slits cut into the top that are tuned to specific pitches.

- The intuitive layout of the tongues makes them easy to play and accessible to musicians of all skill levels.

- Steel tongue drums have a unique and ethereal sound that is often described as hypnotic, meditative, and relaxing.

- They are popular in various musical genres, including world music, new age, and ambient.

- Steel tongue drums are also portable and can be played in outdoor settings, making them ideal for meditation and sound healing practices.

-There are many different makers producing a range of sizes, shapes, and tunings to suit individual needs and preferences.

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