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Ukulele Beginner Group Course



Unlock the joy of music for all ages! Learning the ukulele offers a fun and accessible entry into the world of music. For kids, it fosters creativity, coordination, and a lifelong love for playing instruments. Adults benefit from stress relief, a sense of accomplishment, and the joy of making music in a relaxed, social setting. Join our ukulele beginners lessons—where every strum brings smiles and tunes into your life!




In our ukulele lessons, participants can expect to:

Master Fundamental Chords: Learn essential chords that form the foundation of countless songs, enabling you to play a variety of musical genres.

Develop Strumming Techniques: Gain proficiency in various strumming patterns, enhancing your ability to create rhythmic accompaniments to songs.

Understand Basic Music Notation: Familiarize yourself with basic musical notation and tabs for the ukulele, empowering you to read and play sheet music.

Explore Simple Melodies: Learn to play basic melodies, adding a new dimension to your ukulele skills and expanding your repertoire

Build Confidence in Playing: Develop the confidence to play individually and in group settings, setting the stage for continued musical growth and enjoyment.

Contact us for more information about the lessons timings!  




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