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Music Group Lessons For The Young
First Question: Is that necessary?
"To teach a child an instrument without first giving him preparatory training and without developing singing, reading and dictating to the highest level along with the playing is to build upon sand. "
Zoltán Kodály (16 December 1882 – 6 March 1967)
This is quoted from Zoltán Kodály, he was a composer, musician, ethnomusicologist, music pedagogue, who created Kodály method in music education. 
Another great music pedagogue, Dr. Edwin E. Gordon state, "A child’s musical experiences from birth to age five have a particularly profound impact on the extent to which she will be able to understand, appreciate, and achieve in music as an adult."
Based on my teaching experience, I notice that my students who took music group course before the age of 7 could progress better and play more musically compared to those who don't. 
Hence, I would say there is no doubt that musical training at the young age can help to build up a strong foundation for a child.   
Second Question: There are so many music courses out there. Which is the best one?
I should say that select a good teacher is better than considering the course itself. Generally, music group courses for the young will emphasis on singing and movement, solfege training, rhythmic training, note reading and music appreciation, some courses create their own songs, some courses using familiar tunes, some courses do incorporate percussions and instruments playing as part of the syllabus. 
5 Principles in teaching Happy Notes Kids
I would like to share with you my 5 principles in conducting a group lesson for younger children:-
1. Keep going - As my lecturer explained: Keep them busy! from one activity to the next, it has to be no fermata (pause) in between!
2. Be prepared - a.k.a. Lesson plan. Lesson plan will provide me a good guide to achieve principle no. 1! 
3. Be flexible - Follow students' learning pace is essential, rather than solely follow to the lesson plan. 
4. Something New - Always include one new concept or music vocabulary in every lesson.
5. 5 Learning styles - Combine 5 learning modality in the lesson plan, such as listening, singing with movement, percussion and keyboard playing, reading and writing and learning through interaction with other students in every lesson.  
                                                                                                                                   By Kim, 22 Dec 2015
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