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Happy Notes Express

(Holiday Special Course)


This is a short-term music course, specially designed for the June and December holidays. There are 2 options of the holiday program:-

1. Music Appreciation Course

For students with little or no music background only. You can sign up together with your siblings, relatives, neighbours, friends, or register alone. Happy Notes Music School will arrange an appropriate timing for you.


Recommended age: 7-16 years old

Class size: 3-8 students

Duration of lesson: 1 hour

Frequency of lesson: Twice a week

Total number of lessons: 8 ( 1 month)

Course Fee: SGD 220 

Material Fee: No 

Course Syllabus:-

Appreciation: explore different genres of music, sounds and instruments.

Theory: learn about elements of music, basic notes and rhythm reading, understand the concept of chord progressions, riffs and licks.

Practical: learn to play rhythmic patterns, melodic patterns and solfege singing.

Composition: improvise and create own rhythmic and melodic pattern.

At the end of the course, all the participants will be performing their own music, and as a group!  

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