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Happy Notes Kids

Course outline:-

‘Happy Notes Kids' is a preparatory course designed for children between the ages of 3.5 and 6, with no or minimal background in music. Knowing how to write at least alphabets A to E is a prerequisite for entering the course. The course requires a parent's or guardian's accompaniment. Registration is open throughout the year, based on availability. Parents are welcome to register or pre-book a place if their child is still below 4 years of age. Please drop a message to us if you are interested to learn more about this program.




happy notes kids

Lesson outline:-

  • Solfege singing: movable ‘do’ and fixed ‘do'

  • Music appreciation: e.g. composers, different genres of music and musical instruments 

  • Singing and movement

  • Rhythmic exercise

  • Recognising notes and musical terms

  • Drawing/ Colouring/ Writing activities

  • Piano playing

  • Listening: ear training exercise

  • Music games  


By completing this course, children would be able to:

  • Sing in solfege up to an octave

  • Play simple tunes using two hands

  • Get to know more different instruments and discover their musical ability

  • Play and recognise simple melodic and rhythmic patterns

  • Develop an appreciation and love towards music


Summary of Happy Notes Kids course:-

  • Suitable age: 3.5 - 6

  • Class size: 3-6 students

  • Parent accompaniment: Yes

  • Number of terms: 8 (approximately 2 years)

  • Lessons per term: 12

  • Frequency of lesson: Once per week

  • Lesson duration: 1 hour

  • Material needed: A keyboard or piano at home

  • Other Learning Material: Provided by trainer  


happy notes kids
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